Lola Berta's Lechon

The pig is cooked only as the order comes in. The pig is stuffed and roasted the old-fashioned way over a pit of smoldering charcoal in the family's own backyard, to assure the lechon's consistency and quality.

Extra-Small Lechon - P4,700

8-9 kg (Good for 20-25 persons)

Small Lechon - P5,000

10 kg (Good for 30 persons)with FREE DINUGUAN

Medium Lechon - P5,500

12 kg (Good for 50 persons)with FREE DINUGUAN

Large Lechon - P6,000

15 kg (Good for 60 persons)with FREE DINUGUAN

Extra-Large Lechon - P6,500

18 kg (Good for 70 persons)with FREE DINUGUAN AND 1 WHOLE CHICKEN

Double XL Lechon - P7,000

20-22 kg (Good for 80 persons)with FREE DINUGUAN & 1 WHOLE CHICKEN

To order, please contact:
Tel Nos. 6424762, 9945210
Globe: 09178255533   Smart: 09084851397   Sun: 09228525659
22 F. Imson, Pateros, Metro Manila